【Official】Hotel Kinomezaka

Embraced by the nature of Echigo

The rural scenery of Echigo Three Mountains and Koshihikari seen from the window of the room.
The original scenery of Uonuma welcomes you.
All the rooms in this facility are Japanese-style rooms with a calm atmosphere.
Please enjoy your relaxing time.


Within this facility / facility

  • Large banquet hall

    We have a 291 square meter large banquet hall "Ho-o no Ma Room" and a 146 square meter medium banquet hall "Kujyaku no Ma Room".
    From large banquets to small group meetings, please use it according to your plan.
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Hotel Name

Hotel Kinomezaka


93-1 Koguriyama, Minamiuonuma City, Niigata Prefecture

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10 minutes walk from JR Muikamachi Station / 5 minutes by car from Muikamachi IC on the Kan- Kan-Etsu Expressway

There is a pick-up service((conditions)
Free transfer from JR Muikamachi Station.*Reservation required
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Origin of "Kinomezaka"

  • What is a "tree bud"?

    "Tree bud", which is also the name of this facility, may be an unfamiliar word.
    In fact, here in the Chuetsu region, "tree buds" are famous ingredients that everyone knows and refer to "sprouts of vines".
    Akebi vine? Not the real one? That's right, it's the vine.

    Tree buds have long been popular as a spring ingredient, and they are so delicious that no one in the region knows about them.
  • Cooking of tree buds

    Cooking tree buds is very easy.
    I would like to introduce one of the representative ones.

    1. Boil and then expose to water
    2. Cut into pieces that are easy to eat
    3. When you put it in a bowl, break the raw egg.
    4. If you like, bonito flakes
    5. Sprinkle with soy sauce and it's done!

    If you eat it while entwining it with an egg, the crispy texture and a little bitterness will be entwined with the mellowness of the egg, making it an addictive taste.
    You can put it on rice, and it's perfect as a snack for your father's sake.
  • Origin of Hotel Kinomezaka no Mesaka

    There used to be a colony of chocolate vine in the place where the hotel is built.
    This gentle slope, which is dyed with the green color of tree buds, was called "Kinomezaka".
    The name of this facility comes from that, and many tree buds still appear in the spring.

    Like the hidden delicious food "Kinobu", which is not well known to people outside the prefecture, all the employees of Hotel Kinomezaka no Mesaka will strive to become a hotel that is loved by everyone with a warm hospitality.
    We look forward to welcoming you.

Reservation / Inquiry

If you have any questions, please contact us.